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Move songlistsender out of the command dir

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import Discord from "discord.js";
import frequencies from '../frequencies.js';
import frequencies from './frequencies.js';
export default class SongListSender {
constructor(logger, client) {
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ import NextSongCommand from './command/NextSongCommand.js';
import RemoveSongCommand from './command/RemoveSongCommand.js';
import StopCommand from './command/StopCommand.js';
import HelpCommand from './command/HelpCommand.js';
import SongListSender from './command/SongListSender.js';
import SongListSender from './SongListSender.js';
import PlaylistCommand from './command/PlaylistCommand.js';
import SongFinder from './SongFinder.js';
import PlayOverrideCommand from './command/PlayOverrideCommand.js';
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