Commit a499dfb2 authored by Luc Everse's avatar Luc Everse

Handle unresolved recursive dependencies

parent 7774d30a
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......@@ -114,13 +114,15 @@ public class DependencyResolver implements IDependencyResolver {
return obj;
} catch (final InstantiationException ex) {
logger.debug("Can't instantiate the {}: not an instantiable class",
type.getCanonicalName(), ex);
} catch (final IllegalAccessException ex) {
logger.debug("Can't instantiate the {}: class, constructor or field inaccessible",
type.getCanonicalName(), ex);
} catch (final InvocationTargetException ex) {
logger.debug("Can't instantiate the {}: exception in constructor: ",
type.getCanonicalName(), ex);
} catch (final UnresolvableDependencyException ex) {
// Recursive construction failed. Already logged, try the next
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