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release 1.1.8

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......@@ -1453,3 +1453,18 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- mips POLLWRNORM and POLLWRBAND macros had wrong values
- x32 pthread synchronization object type definitions were wrong
- powerpc minimum signal stack size was insufficient
1.1.8 release notes
bugs fixed:
- stack-based buffer overflow in inet_pton (CVE-2015-1817)
- regcomp crash/mem-corruption with illegal bytes after backslash
- regcomp wrongly allowed backrefs in ER
- regcomp miscompiled character class brace-repetitions
- regcomp wrongly processed \0 as an unmatchable backref
- new FLT_ROUNDS definition failed to work in C++ code
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- aarch64 was missing max_align_t definition
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