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release 1.0.3

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......@@ -1221,3 +1221,19 @@ compatibility:
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- misdetection of superh ABI variant by configure on gcc 3.x
- missing SO_RCVBUFFORCE and SO_SNDBUFFORCE in mips socket.h
1.0.3 release notes
bugs fixed:
- buffer overflow in dns response parsing (CVE-2014-3484)
- possible infinite loop in dns response parsing
- fix multiple validation issues in dns response label parsing
- sendfile off_t 32/64-bit size mismatch
- incorrect end pointer in some cases when wcsrtombs stops early
- incorrect if_nametoindex return value when interface does not exist
- dummy "ent" function aliases that possibly shadowed real ones
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- broken kernel side RLIM_INFINITY on mips
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