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release 1.0.5

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......@@ -1267,3 +1267,39 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- missing barriers in atomics on mips, powerpc, and microblaze
- TLS relocation bug in powerpc dynamic linker
1.0.5 release notes
- dynamic linker now honors DT_RUNPATH without DT_RPATH (new binutils)
bugs fixed:
- stack-based buffer overflow in inet_pton (CVE-2015-1817)
- regcomp mishandling of high bytes after backslash
- regcomp miscompiled character class brace-repetitions
- use of uninitialized memory with application-provided thread stacks
- failure of dn_expand to null-terminate name for crafted DNS packets
- buffer overflow in swab with odd argument
- missing barrier in pthread_once fast path
- wordexp bad character checker mis-counted parentheses
- malloc init code could deadlock due to race condition
- getspnam_r returned results for partial username matches
- mishandling of negative non-whole-hour TZ offsets
- printf failed to report or stop on write errors
- syslog failed to check for connect error
- fchmodat was subject to fd leak race (missing O_CLOEXEC)
- fchmodat failed to report EOPNOTSUPP in race path
- wrong behavior in various zero-length stdio operations
- wrong return value on overflow in some strtoul-family functions
- incorrect sequence generation in the rand48 family of prng functions
- wrong printf formatting for %#.0o with value zero
- sched_getaffinity left uninitialized data in output bit array
- wrong return values for pthread_getaffinity_np and pthread_setaffinity_np
- broken CPU_EQUAL macro in sched.h
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- usage of sahf instruction on x86_64 crashed on some early cpu models
- mips fesetenv did not handle FE_DFL_ENV
- mips POLLWRNORM and POLLWRBAND macros had wrong values
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