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release 1.1.5

parent a60457c8
......@@ -1330,3 +1330,41 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- broken struct stat st_dev field on big endian mips
- broken asm register constraints in atomics on powerpc
- missing barriers in atomics on mips, powerpc, microblaze, and sh
1.1.5 release notes
new features:
- full C11 coverage (threads, UTF-16/32 API, timespec_get, etc.)
- malloc_usable_size function (nonstandard)
- support for new F_OFD_* fcntl operations (linux 3.15, POSIX-future)
- new _DEFAULT_SOURCE feature test macro to request default profile
- private-futex support
- redesigned cond var implementation with major performance improvement
- tweaked spinning in userspace before performing futex waits
bugs fixed:
- failure of dn_expand to null-terminate name for crafted DNS packets
- corruption of cond var mutex state when switching mutexes
- use of uninitialized memory with application-provided thread stacks
- false ownership of orphaned mutexes due to tid reuse
- possible failure-to-wake for robust mutexes on owner death
- subtle errors in robust mutex unrecoverable status handling
- missing memory/compiler barrier spinning to obtain locks
- wrong behavior in various zero-length stdio operations
- buffer overflow in swab with odd argument
- incorrect sequence generation in the rand48 family of prng functions
- missing cancellation check in non-wait paths of sem_wait, pthread_join
- missing barrier in pthread_once fast path
- memory leak in regexec when input contains illegal sequence
- various parser bugs in regcomp
- wrong return value on overflow in some strtoul-family functions
- broken CPU_EQUAL macro in sched.h
- dlerror not working in static-linked programs
- mishandling of negative non-whole-hour TZ offsets
- incorrect case mappings for U+00DF
- namespace pollution via accidentally-non-static function named "dummy"
- missing __fpclassifyl and __signbitl definitions for ld64 archs
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