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release 1.1.12

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......@@ -1583,3 +1583,38 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- mismatched ABI for local-dynamic model TLS on mips and powerpc
- incorrect value of some SO_* constants on mips
- broken 64-bit syscall argument passing on aarch64
1.1.12 release notes
new features:
- fdpic abi on sh2 for shareable text segment without mmu
- general fdpic elf support in dynamic linker
- CFI generation for x86_64 asm source files
- protection against silently building a with missing symbols
- nl_langinfo(CODESET) now returns "ASCII" in byte-based C locale
- fixed build regression due to buggy .SECONDARY in some GNU make versions
- additional arm eabi functions needed by llvm arm backend
- added format argument attributes to gettext function prototypes
- static PIE no longer requires linking with -E/-rdynamic
- eliminated spurious protected-data warnings linking against
- avoided spurious fpu asm errors with some armhf toolchains
bugs fixed:
- fclose of stdin/stdout caused deadlock at exit
- missing memory barrier in pthread_join
- open_[w]memstream produced no buffer when no writes took place
- uninitialized scopeid in address lookups from hosts file and ip literals
- ip literals for mismatching family (v4 vs v6) were queried as hostnames
- possible crash on OOM in regcomp
- incorrect contents in localeconv structure (-1 instead of CHAR_MAX)
- strftime mishandling of out-of-range struct tm members
- wrongful attribute((const)) on pthread_self and errno location function
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- arm crt1 entry point failed to align stack pointer in some cases
- mips fesetround failed to actually set rounding mode
- i386 asm source CFI generation had multiple bugs
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