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release 1.1.7

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......@@ -1410,3 +1410,46 @@ bugs fixed:
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- on or1k, some syscalls with 64-bit arguments were broken (misaligned)
- usage of sahf instruction on x86_64 crashed on some early cpu models
1.1.7 release notes
new features:
- alternate passwd/group backend support via nscd protocol
- masked cancellation mode extension (experimental)
- aio cancellation
- aarch64 port (experimental)
- significant memset asm optimizations on i386 and x86_64
- suppress EINTR in semaphores for old kernels where futex restart is broken
- always set optarg in getopt_long
- support SOCK_RAW socket type in getaddrinfo
- report success instead of EINPROGRESS when close is interrupted
bugs fixed:
- multithreaded set*id() was not async-signal safe, had various race bugs
- getspnam_r returned results for partial username matches
- wordexp bad character checker mis-counted parentheses
- close on fd with pending aio could lead to file corruption
- old aio implementation had numerous conformance bugs
- malloc init code could deadlock due to race condition
- pthread_exit did not disable cancellation
- pthread_cond_wait could wrongly consume signal on cancellation
- execvp wrongly stopped path search on EACCESS
- fsync, fdatasync, and msync were not honored as cancellation points
- fchmodat was subject to fd leak race (missing O_CLOEXEC)
- fchmodat failed to report EOPNOTSUPP in race path
- passwd/group lookup functions had various minor error-reporting bugs
- isatty had false-positives/device-state-corruption for OSS sound devices
- configure script failed to detect gcc with translated messages
- FLT_ROUNDS macro failed to reflect rounding mode changes in fenv
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- mips fesetenv did not handle FE_DFL_ENV
- mips POLLWRNORM and POLLWRBAND macros had wrong values
- x32 pthread synchronization object type definitions were wrong
- powerpc minimum signal stack size was insufficient
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