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release 1.1.16

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......@@ -1730,3 +1730,49 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- broken posix_fadvise on arm and powerpc (32-bit)
- thread structure/dtv corruption on powerpc at thread startup
- various wrong mips and powerpc ioctl and termios constant values
1.1.16 release notes
new features:
- s390x (64-bit S/390) port
- pthread_setname_np extension function
- limited pthread_setattr_default_np function to set stack size defaults
- header-level support for linux 4.7, 4.8, and 4.9 features
- confstr _CS_V6_ENV and _CS_V7_ENV items
- public prototypes for abi-compat *_unlocked symbols, etc.
- fflush_unlocked(NULL) now works
- resolv.h __RES version macro now matches supported APIs
- workaround for gdb bugs backtracing across signals on x86_64
- anchors ^ and $ are now accepted in BRE subexpressions
- building for thumb2-only arm isa levels is now possible
bugs fixed:
- integer overflows in regexec buffer allocation (CVE-2016-8859)
- failure of regexec to report matches at offsets past INT_MAX
- static-pie executables with initialized thread-local storage crashed
- printf failed to catch EOVERFLOW in some cases, wrongly produced it in others
- printf produced wrong output, result for float with precision near INT_MAX
- printf produced wrong results with alt-form octal, zero flag, & field width
- printf float rounding was wrong for some midpoint cases
- swprintf printed junk after internal (256-byte) buffer filled up
- strtod family rounded incorrectly in several corner cases
- getmntent failed to handle long records
- getopt_long_only wrongly treated "--" as an option
- asctime output wrongly varied by locale
- strftime %y specifier produced wrong output for negative tm_year
- time zone names quoted with <> were misparsed
- corner case integer overflow in tm_year for some date conversions
- failure to load shared libs whose names were prefixes of standard lib names
- wrong error codes for several failure cases in various functions
- various asymptomatic undefined behavior
- various minor namespace issues in headers
arch-specific bugs fixed:
- tcsetattr regression on mips (completely non-working)
- wrong pread/pwrite syscall calling convention on sh
- wrong preadv2/pwritev2 syscall numbers on x32
- mrand48/jrand48 produced wrong-signedness results on 64-bit archs
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